T’ai Chi

Photo; Robin Mientjes

T’ai Chi Ch’uan is an ancient Chinese Martial art, a movement-meditation that focuses on breathing, grounding, effortless movement and connection with our center.

Through partner work we explore balance and how to deflect, absorb and transfer energy coming towards us.

We also work with movement qualities inspired by the elements:

Wood; precision and articulation.
Earth; the ability to sink, stability.
Metal/Air; breath and expansion.
Water; fluidity and circulation.
Fire; clarity and vitality.

I first came in contact with T’ai Chi as part of my dance training at ’The Place’ in London and it continues to inspire my work as a choreographer and dancer.

Through a listening presence in the body and the constant generation of energy, the T’ai Chi allows us to dance the universal forces. By connecting with our physical landscape we can move and express the stories carried in our bodies.

With love and respect to my wonderful teacher and friend of many years, Tew Bunnag.