Falling blossoms
Melt to touch my hand
Winter snow

Your shadow

There is a stillness within the light
Gazing back in stark relief
Shadows are the only truth
Light the only thief

This is a world of dew

The universe is a dance between Yes and No.
The eternal stop and go.
Expanding and contracting in the spaces between space, in the black-hole white-hot ebb and flow. Here matter does not matter.
Here the vacuum overspills, in a gravity explosion; a battle of wills.
And we hover in the envelope of everything we know.
Asking question upon question.
Yes and No.
Yes and No.

Until you remember

To find them, you must pause
Call them by name
If you are praying the body they will answer

To find them you must move
In the spaces between
Until you remember.

And they follow each to each
In gathering waves
Earth, metal, water, wood, fire

Echoing your every step
Until even the air itself
Carries the memory of motion.

Tree dwelling

Sinking beneath trees
Boot cleats chewing
The rich black mud.

The last wasp is gone
A quilt of red and yellow

Softens every step.

All poems by Eric R. Williams

Between worlds (Der ute løper mine drømmer)

Spirits between worlds
Leave trails of experience
We follow sleeping.