This is a World of Dew (2015) Dansens Hus, Oslo


From the left: Loan Ha, Sudesh Adhana and Kristianne Mo.

In «This is a world of dew» substance and emptiness, expression and receptiveness, expansion and restriction is examined. How do these qualities influence our movements and affect our encounters. How do we take turns between talking and listening, carrying and being carried? What guides our choices? What are we attracted to or repelled from? From cells and atoms to planets and stars, we find the same building blocks, the same structures and mysteries. What we experience as a solid object is actually constant motion. Things are simply changeable states, processes in nature and in human relations.

Within the shared space between the audience and the performers, everything is connected, the observer is never separate from what is observed. To witness an event is to take part in it. We are both the dreamers and the dream.

Premiered 19th of May 2015 at Dansens Hus, Oslo
Performances 20th – 22nd of May 2015 at Dansens Hus, Oslo

Choreography: Kristina Gjems
Dancers: Loan Ha, Kristianne Mo, Sudesh Adhana, Mattias Ekholm, Kristina Gjems
Music: Morten Pettersen
Set design/ text: Eric Williams
Lighting design: Tobias Leira
Costume design: Constance Joy Vena
Producer: Jorunn Kjersem Hildre

Funded by Arts Council Norway, Fund for Sound and Image, Fund for Performing Artists, and coproduced with Dance House, Norway.

Dreamscreen Productions arranged a full day T’ai Chi seminar and workshop with Tew Bunnag in collaboration with Praxis Oslo, and also pre and -after talks with the artists and artistic leader Un-Magritt Nordseth during the performance days.

We are planning to tour with this performance, please contact us if you are a venue or a programmer. Visit our vimeo site to see more works.

Trailer made by Dansens Hus – National Stage for Contemporary Dance/Tale Hendnes:

Photos from the performance taken by Dance House Oslo/Tale Hendnes:


All the dancers. From the left: Mattias Ekholm, Loan Ha, Sudesh Adhana, Kristianne Mo and Kristina Gjems.


From the left: Kristianne Mo and Sudesh Adhana


All the dancers. From the left: Loan Ha, Kristianne Mo, Sudesh Adhana, Kristina Gjems and Mattias Ekholm.