Beyond matter – patterns of vibrations

Photo: Elin Osjord

Premiere at Bærum Kulturhus 30th of September.

Beyond matter- patterns of vibration is a creative and performative collaboration between a sound designer, a performance artist, a set designer and a dance artist.

Together they explore the relevance and effect of vibration and the connection between vibration and form. The artists share an interest for organic and transformative work and investigate how to be porous and listening in their expression and actions.

How does sound travel, spread, and glide through space? How does sound touch and shake us?What are the vibrations held in a specific sculptural form?
What makes a form appear, which vibrations guide its will and direction?
The piece explores body as vibration and as response to vibration.
Voice to the body and voice  from the body.
Movement that continues beyond the physical form.
Together they wish to create a field of resonance where patterns and shapes appear, transform and dissolve.

Idea/Consept: Kristina Gjems
With: Fernanda Branco, Morten Pettersen, Eric Williams, Kristina Gjems.
Light design: Ane Reiersen
Production: Lisa Colette Bysheim, Chollada Phinitduang
Photos: Elin Osjord
Co-production: Bærum Kulturhus – Dans SørØst
Funded by Arts Council Norway