Kristina Gjems

Photo: Robin Mientjes


In seeking the origin of movement we can connect to our power and energy without wearing out the body. I trust that a body letting itself be moved will find a path both expressive and sustainable.

My work is movement based
Based in the body
Based on somatic and holistic practice
Based on recognizing the connection/the resonance between the inner and outer landscape.

Where does movement come from? What moves us? For me this is a physical, sensual, kinesthetic exploration…moment by moment.
Key elements are availability, connectivity and impermanence.

In order to find the motivation behind the movement, we must make ourselves available. Available to the stories and memories carried by our bodies, available to mystery, available to what wants to move. To let ourselves be moved, we must dive into the material of the body, journey through the layers and communicate with and through the visceral.
In this availability we recognize that we are permeable and connected. We are endless and changeable.We are the elements and our bodies are nature, connected to all earth’s creatures.
To be connected in the dance means to include what occurs, in us and around us, from our blood and bones, from our ancestors, from others in the room.

To accept impermanence means to allow and to let go.
To let our identity dissolve in order to shapeshift and time-travel. In this way the question ‘What am I?’ becomes a here-and-now-question that the dance can respond to, moment by moment.

My artistic work is influenced by several aspects of my life. I have practiced T’ai chi Ch’uan for more than 25 years and much of my practice takes place in nature. I draw inspiration from the connections between body in movement, the seasons and our surroundings.

I practice Craniosacral therapy, a form of treatment that, through touch and attention, communicates with the body and makes available memories and understanding stored in its many layers.

I am the mother of a boy with autism. He does not speak and is an astute observer of body language, a clear reader of intention and mood, full of physical expression and surprising dances.

Certain themes run through my choreographic work:
The relationship between the personal and the universal.
Each person’s life seen as a journey, a river, where change is the only constant.
The exploration of how the outside landscape resonates within our inner universe.
I seek an organic and poetic language, one that expands the moment and makes the invisible tangible.



Kristina Gjems
Theresesgate 4b, 0452 Oslo, Norway


1980-84: London Contemporary Dance School, studying choreography with Nina Fonaroff, and T’ai Chi with Gerda Geddes


2021: Your shadow premiered in Bodø,
2019-20 Your shadow, postponed premiere until 2021.
2017 One gust of wind and they all dance premiered at Dansens Hus, Oslo
2015 This is a world og dew premiered at Dansens Hus, Oslo
2011 Metal and Bone premiered at Dansens Hus, Oslo
2007 Trade Winds a collaboration with British visual artist Jos Hadfield premiered at Bracknell Gallery, England
2005 Until you remember premiered at Dansens Hus, Oslo
2001 Der ute løper mine drømmer (Between worlds) premiered at Black Box Theatre, Oslo
1998 And their shadows – who also passed this way premiered at Black Box Theatre, Oslo
1996 Seeking poetry in the autumn scenery premiered at Black Box Theatre
1993 Veien tilbake (Returning path ) premiered at Det Åpne Teater, Oslo, and shown on national television

Dance films

2020 Preponderance of the small, a poem- a devotion. 
2020 Inside Out, made during the Covid 19 quarantine.
2018 Ephemera, a dance between seasons.
2018 Summoned Silhouette, 60seconds dance. The shadows of the house come together to dance with their human companion.
2016 Drift, a water creature comes to land, filmed in Sarasota, Florida
2014 Down to Earth, a 30 min. nature meditation film expanded fromTree Dwelling
2014 Trade Winds, based on a collaboration project with installation artist Jos Hadfield, performed at Bracknell Gallery in 2006.
2013 This is where you live, 5 short films, following one tree and one dancer through five seasons. Made from Tree Dwelling.
2012 Rocks and Roots, an 8 min. dance film from the green-house at the Natural History Museum in Oslo
2009 Tree Dwelling, a 20 min. dance film, following one tree and one dancer
through one year, premiered Oslo Town Museum
2006 Cloud Gathering, a 15 min. dance film, from the desert in Colorado and New Mexico, premiered at Dance for the Camera, Oslo

Site specific and other work experience

2018 Performed Wind over Lake, a collaboration with South Korean performer and choreographer Hyun Kim in Brooklyn New York

2017 Performed Autumn branches and Takling to the Mountain in Jeju International  Experimental Art festival with Eric Williams

2016 Performed The purpose determines the structure with Eric Williams at Seminarium in Sandnes.

2016 Performed Long forgotten path with Eric Williams and Kouame Sereba at Maidans Lørenskog.

2015 Performed The purpose determines the structure with Eric Williams as part of the festival; Sånafest.

2014 Participated in Vides deja, a Dance in Nature festival in Latvia, showing dance films and creating Bound to this rolling earth, a site-specific piece in collaboration with Eric Williams.

2014 Created and performed: The purpose determines the structure, a movement and paint collaboration with Eric Williams. Performed as part of the stunt initiated and organized by Loan PT Hoang at Olaf Ryes Plass, Oslo.

2013 Performed in the collaborative stunt performance ; How do you want to be remembered when you are gone? Initiated and organized by Loan PT Hoang at Scenehuset, and Hausmania, Oslo.

2013 Performed in Freedom, equality, fraternity or death by Helle Siljeholm and Sara Christophersen in Barents Spektakkel, Kirkenes..

2008 Danced in Grefsen Church, a collaboration project with live music, lighting designers and singer; Ruth W. Meyer.

2007  Danced in Vannvev a piece choreographed by Hege Gabrielsen as part of the Oslo outdoor  festival; Elvelangs.

1993 Co-created and danced  in the collaboration project  Fem favner with 4 other choreographers  and dancers, performed at Månefisken, Oslo.

1992  Performed in Vestfold festspillene in as part of a live concert.

1991 Performed in Søyler-et syndrom by Bibbi Winberg performed at Black Box Theatre.

1987 Choreographed Nothing Lasts for Philip Johnston’s solo programe, toured in Norway.

1985 Performed in Fleur D’afrique  by Elsa Quale, a collaboration with the “Centre for African culture” in Oslo.

1984-92 Worked as dancer and choreographer in Collage Dance Company, Norway. Danced in 22 works by choreographers; Lise Nordal, Sølvi Edvardsen, Inger Buresund, Jorma Uotinen, Georgio Rossi, Mark Vanreunxt. Toured in Scandinavia, Finland, Holland, Belgium and Italy. Choreographed 8 works for the company.

Has been teaching T’ai Chi for 20 years, including classes for actors and dancers. Has since 1999 received “Guaranteed income for artists” from the Norwegian government.

Earliest work