Rocks and Roots (2012)

From the winter-landscape we look, through the windows, into the dry heat of the desert room of the Botanical Gardens’ greenhouse.

Green, leafy plants and cactus make a stark contrast to the snowy winter outside. Gradually, we discover movement on the inside, as if the plants are coming to life. The body as elements, as rock, earth and branches. Human beings as creatures of nature; who plant their roots, soak up nourishment, grow and open in the heat of the sun.

Choreography: Krisina Gjems
Dancers: Loan Ha Kristianne Mo, Kristina Gjems
Director/ Filmphotographer: Eric Williams
Editing: Kristian Moe
Soundscape: Morten Pettersen
Costume: Constance Joy Vena

Rocks and Roots is selected by Bhutan Independent Film Festival and an award winner at World Film Carnival, Singapore, January 2023.