June 2023
Loan Ha and Kristina are performing Your shadow at Oslo Museum and Emanuel Vigeland Museum.

May 2023
We finished the one minute film Wilding which was selected to be part of the Southern Cone International film festival.

April, May 2023
Kristina is performing with Øyvind Jørgensen and the National Ballet Company in Oslo in ‘Light of Passage’ by Crystal Pite

Kristina is sharing 3 classes at PraxisOslo May 2023.


The one minute film; Ornament has won awards from Tagore International Film festival and Rohip International Film festival.




Beyond matter-patterns of vibration has received funding from Arts Council Norway and Audio and Video Funds.

Rehearsals began spring 2022 with a residency at SPRANG in Ål, co-produced by Bærum Kulturhus-Dans SørØst.

Photo; Stein Hoffe


Kristina taught a Taichi workshop at Inderøy 12th and 13th of March 2022, invited by Dans i Trøndelag.

Your shadow was performed at Rosendal Teater in Trondheim17th and 18th of February 2022.

Excerpt of Your shadow was performed in July, August, September 2021 as part of Dans Sørøst and Bærum Kulturhus’ project ‘Ute’ Dance in public spaces.


Photo: Montse Llampallas

Photo: Lars Opstad

Your shadow premiered as part of a festival and seminar on art, alchemy and ecology in Bodø 9-12 September, 2021


Spring 2021

The work on the collaborative pre-project; Beyond matter- patterns of vibrations, started with performer Fernanda Branco, Sound designer Morten Pettersen, visual artist Eric Williams and dance-artist Kristina Gjems. The work is about resonance, vibration and form and is funded by Arts Council Norway.

September 2020

Finished the dance film Your shadow, made as an outdoor, site specific film based on the performance Your shadow

August 2020

Finished the new dance-film; Preponderance of the small.

May 2020

Made the short film; Inside Out during Covid 19 quarantine.
The film has won an award at the Golden Fern Film Festival, and been selected to Santa Dev International Film Festival, India January 2023


March 2020

Your shadow was cancelled because of Covid 19. The performance will premiere in Oslo in the spring of 2021.

February 2020.

Rehearsals for Your Shadow start up again in February 2020. Performances at Rom for Dans, Oslo 28-29th of March and at Multiplié festival in Trondheim 23-24th of April 2020.

Photo: Eric Williams

January/February 2020

Kristina gave dance-classes for PraxisOslo at the Qigong-center; Inspired by T’ai Chi; breathing, meditation, Qi Gong and partner-work based on the elements into free, spontaneous movement.

September 2019

Kristina participated in Butoh in Nature workshop with Atsushi Takenushi in Switzerland.

Photo: Hiroko Komiya

June 2019

Loan and Kristina in residency with Dansit in Trondheim with Your shadow.

April 2019

Rehearsals for Your shadow start in Oslo, with Loan Ha.

Photo: Eric Williams

February 2019

The dance film Drift was shown at Equilibrio- Aurora Boreale festival in Rome.

February 2019

Kristina presented her work at TPAM in Yokohama, Japan.

November 2018

Wind over lake, a collaborative duett with choreographer and performer, Hyun Kim from South Korea, performed at Space 776, in Brooklyn, New York


August 2018

One gust of wind-and they all dance was performed at Tou scene in Stavanger.

July 2018

Kristina spent one week in Spain on a T’ai Chi retreat with Tew Bunnag and Juanolo Gutierrez

June 2018

The project; Does your shadow also spin?, a duett with Loan Ha, received funding from Art Council Norway

May 2018

Kristina spent one week in Cornwall on a T’ai Chi retreat with Tew Bunnag.

January 2018

Summoned Silhouette Our one minute dance-film made it to the top ten of

Drift was shown at Multiplié Dancefilm program of Minimalen Shortfilm Festival.

November 2017
Dreamscreen Productions performed at Jeju International Experimental Arts Festival in South Korea the 8th – 11th of November 2017. Kristina Gjems and Eric Williams made two site specific performances and took part in a group piece with the other artists, organized by the festival.

August 2017
T’ai Chi summercourse in Slottsparken, Oslo, 7th-11th of August, every day at 9 30-11 30 am.
To sign up, contact Kristina at

August 25th- 31st 2017
T’ai Chi and meditation retreat with Tew Bunnag and Juanolo Gutierrez in Spain.

May 2017
«One gust of wind and they all dance»
Premiere: 19th of May at 7 pm.
Performances: 20th and 21st at 6 pm, and 22th at 7 pm at Dansens Hus, Oslo
In relation to the performance:
Workshop with Tew Bunnag, arranged by Praxis Oslo the 22th of May

April 2017
Open rehearsal «One gust of wind and they all dance» the 28th of April during Dansens Dager in Oslo