Your Shadow (2020) Rom for Dans, Oslo and Multiplié Dance Festival, Trondheim

A duet exploring both the visual and the metaphorical aspects of our shadow.

A shadow is something unpredictable, a missing piece of the story that can give a new perspective, a different narrative. It is the same, but not the same. It can be a companion, an imprint or a distortion. It can give shelter or add dimension.  We explore the experience of being watched over, followed by an unpredictable layer of ourselves with a shifting form and the ability to disappear.  Each movement supported and witnessed.  We wish to give the performance a sense of intimacy and conversation, exploring loneliness and togetherness, the individual and the companion.
Loan has been part of Kristina’s last three performances at Dansens Hus. In addition, the two shares both an artistic and personal exchange over many years. They have common interest in practices like T’ai Chi and Craniosacral therapy and these shared references are important for how they experience movement and approach an artistic expression. While establishing a common ground for their exploration and journeying together, they wish to give space to their different personalities, expression and temperament.
Premiere at Rom for Dans 28th of March.
Performance at Rom for Dans 29th of March and at Multiplié in Trondheim 23-24th of April 2020.
Choreography: Kristina Gjems
Dance: Loan Ha, Kristina Gjems
Soundscape: Morten Pettersen
Light design: Martin Myrvold
Costume: Hedda Eddy Virik
Production: Hanne Frostad
Co-production: DansiT
Photo and trailer: Eric Williams

The performance was cancelled because of Covid19 and will premiere in Oslo during the spring of 2021.

Funded by Arts Council Norway, Fund for sound and Image.