The purpose determines the structure (2014) Site specific

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Eric Williams and Kristina gjems. Photo: Lee Pyefinch

Dancer: Kristina Gjems
Painter: Eric Williams

The purpose determines the structure was first performed during Dansens Dager 2014, as part of a stunt for several performers at Grunerløkka in Oslo, arranged by Loan TP. Hoang.
2015: June; a 20 minutes version was shown at Son marketplace during Sånafest.
2016: April; a longer version was performed in collaboration with live music as part of a series of concerts at Røkeriet in Strømstad. Music: Liv Frengstad and Kouame Sereba.
May;  The purpose determines the structure was part of the Maidans festival in Lørenskog  with live music by Kouame Sereba.
June: a 17 minute version was shown as part of Seminarium #6 in Sandnes.


About the work
A collaboration between dancer/choreographer Kristina Gjems, and writer/visual artist Eric Williams. Metamorphosis is the theme of this sculptural and ritualistic piece that explores the communication between movement, shapes and symbols. A dancer, wearing a stiff white dress, becomes a human canvass.

The interaction between the dancer and the painter requires delicate negotiation and it questions who initiates transformation. Does the dancer move the painter? Is the dancer guided and informed by the energy and shape of what is being painted? Are they both responding to the will of that moment in time and space?

Each new place generates a different performance. The specific site, day, people and its surroundings, inspires what is being painted and danced.

More photos (all photos taken by Lee Pyefinch):

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